The Magical Record of the Beast 666: The Diaries of Aleister Crowley 1914-1920 Aleister Crowley (Edited & Annotated By John Symonds and Kenneth Grant)



Estado: impecable.

Editorial: Duck Worth.

Precio: $000.

Crowley’s Diary is here published for the first time. Crowley called it a Magical Record Vecause it contains accounts of his magical experiments, including the details of his secret sexual magick and of his consumption of a variety of dangerous drugs. It was not written with an eye to publication. “I don’t articularlyexect anybody to read it,” he wrote. Hence the unguarded way in which he recorded his innermost thoughts and performances of secret rites. There is a veiled reference to this extraordinary journal in his Magick in Theory and Practice, 1929. “Yea, he (Crowley’s Holy Guardian Angel, Aiwaz) wrought also in me a Work of Wonder beyondall this, but in this matter I am sworn to hold my peace”. The Wok of Wonder was his supreme initiation into the highest grade of the mystical Order of the Silver Star, the beginning of which is describes in this volume. Crowley, who died in 1947, had to hold his peace about that, and certainly about his sexual magick. Today, in these confused times, strange creeds thust themselves forward, asking to be examined. Everything is in the melting pot and a way out of the chaos is being anxiously sought. There is no stranger creed than Crowley’s doctine of Do What Thou Wilt. Nor are there any experiences more exotic than his mystical illuminations and initiations.




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